3D/4D/HD Ultrasound Franchise Comparison

3D/4D Ultrasound Franchise Comparison – We think it’s important for you to understand the difference between the kind of 3D & 4D ultrasound franchise we offer and a conventional franchise program. Simply put, while a traditional franchise company might take a percentage of your profits, we’re of the belief that you should be in business for yourself and that your profits are your own.

While we’re certainly there to help guide you to success, we do not offer a 3D & 4D ultrasound franchise in the true sense of the word. Instead, we offer a comprehensive business support network specifically designed to help you maximize your potential for success.

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There are certainly some similarities between the 3D / 4D ultrasound franchise we offer and a conventional franchise situation, so let’s explore both the differences and similarities so that you have a full understanding of what we’re all about.

In essence, we offer a hybrid opportunity comprised of both 4D ultrasound business opportunity elements and 4D ultrasound franchise elements. We’ve taken the most advantageous aspects of each system and then combined them for a dynamic opportunity that helps you maintain control without having to do it alone. In short, we want you to be in business for yourself, not by yourself.


A Glance at the 4D Ultrasound Franchise

As a rule of thumb, if you were to purchase a traditional 3D/4D ultrasound franchise, you would receive more support from the parent company than you would when purchasing a business opportunity package. As a franchisee, you’d also get to use a trademarked name, benefit from cooperative marketing programs, and enjoy the benefit of a proven and profitable business system.

While these are certainly benefits, a typical 4D ultrasound franchise situation might also have some drawbacks. First, your business would be more stringently controlled by the franchisor and you’d probably lose a percentage of profits in the form of a royalty payment.


A Glance at a typical Business Opportunity

Conventional business opportunities don’t offer as much ongoing support from the parent company as with a 3D – 4D franchise situation. In addition, the use of a trademarked name is moot and you are often independent of the parent company’s operational guidelines. While it’s certainly a benefit to be on your own in most aspects, it can also be a scary endeavor. This is what we set out to avoid when establishing our unique 4D ultrasound franchise program.


Combining the Best of Both Worlds

If we were to offer a straight-up 4D ultrasound franchise, we realized that this would likely impede a lof the freedoms you would normally enjoy with a business opportunity. The only problem is that we also recognized that these very freedoms can also impede your business as you might be left wondering what to do next. We saw the need for a specially tailored hybrid that combined the benefits of a 4D ultrasound business opportunity with the benefits of a 4D ultrasound franchise program.


How we’re like a conventional 4D ultrasound franchise…

Our turnkey 3D & 4D ultrasound package provides you with everything you could possibly need to start your 3D/4D ultrasound business. From helping you select a location, to complete ultrasound and business training, to ongoing support and marketing campaigns, we offer unmatched support. You’ll have the opportunity to use our brand in all marketing avenues and take advantage of the national exposure and credibility we’ve established.


How we’re different from a conventional 4D ultrasound franchise…

While we do provide ongoing support and marketing assistance, we don’t take a percentage of your profits as a royalty. Everything you earn is yours, we’re simply here to help make it happen. As well, while we will provide you with a proven business plan and pathway to success, we don’t demand that you do things exactly as we state. You’ll be afforded a lot of freedom so that the business is truly your own, yet we won’t be leaving you alone to do it all by yourself.

If you are considering a 4D ultrasound franchise or business opportunity, it’s important to familiarize yourself with everything they have to offer and everything that is expected from you. Our site provides a wealth of information with regards to what we provide to our partners and we’d be happy to send you an introductory packet of information should you be interested in exploring our 4D ultrasound franchise opportunity.


Be in Business For Yourself, not By Yourself…

We know what it takes to be successful in the 3D and 4D ultrasound industry and we’re eager to share our knowledge with each and every partner.

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